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Our mission is to help dental offices and laboratories to quickly find the human resources they need (employees, associates, partners, hygienists, assistants, etc..). We serve as a bridge between the needs and aspirations of people looking for employment in the dental field. the quick and efficient solution to a real need in the dental field.

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Employee directoryMost recent candidates

Montréal (Île) Dental assistant 25 juillet 2014
Laval Dental secretary 24 juillet 2014
Lanaudière Dental hygienist 24 juillet 2014
Montérégie Dental hygienist 19 juillet 2014
Montérégie Dental assistant 17 juillet 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental secretary 16 juillet 2014
Montérégie Dental secretary 16 juillet 2014
Laval Dental secretary 15 juillet 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental hygienist 12 juillet 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental assistant 11 juillet 2014
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Job offersMost recent job offers (Click the position to view details)

Montréal (Île) Dental assistant 23 July 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental hygienist 22 July 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental assistant 17 July 2014
Montérégie Dental assistant 10 July 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental secretary 9 July 2014
Montérégie Dental hygienist 7 July 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental assistant 7 July 2014
Laurentides Dental secretary 4 July 2014
Montérégie Dental secretary 1 July 2014
Montréal (Île) Dental hygienist 1 July 2014
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